My response to Logan Paul

*WARNING*: This post contains talk of severe mental health issues and graphic talk of suicide. Please do not read if these things will affect you.  I hate that this has to be my first blog post of 2018. This is very difficult for me. It’s very difficult for a lot of people, I think. But […]

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Is Jim Carrey okay?

I’ve asked myself this question a lot in the last couple of years. And I’m sure a lot of people have asked this question for decades. But Canada’s most famous eccentric comedian has turned a few extra heads lately, including mine. People started to question the actor’s sanity long ago, that much is true, but […]

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The art of not giving a sh*t

I used to be the kind of person who really cared what other people thought of me. But over recent years, I’ve grown to realise that it really doesn’t matter. Why should I give a fuck if you don’t like me? This took years of experiences, anxiety, self-doubt and neurotic paranoia to overcome, mind… So […]

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Fat and Fighting

Is it any wonder that obesity and poor mental health go hand in hand? Of course not. We all know this. But y’know what grates on my nerves? People still ignore it. So I’m going to tell you how my weight has affected my mental health, and I’m not going to hold back. This is going to […]

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A childhood hero

This is a personal one. Recently, I’ve rediscovered a love of older music from my childhood that I adored, and probably shaped me into the person I am today. I’ve always been a music enthusiast. I was mesmerised by my parent’s CD and tape collection, and by age 4 I knew all the words to […]

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No T, All Shade

Does anyone really know what the T is anymore? (For those who’ve never dipped their toes into the wonderful world of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, ‘T’ stands for truth, dear.) So many stories in the press about celebs hating each other, bickering on social media, writing ‘diss tracks’; do you get as sick of it […]

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The importance of live music

I’m hoping that everybody reading this has been to at least one live show in their time. If not, what the hell do you do with your time? Because mine is taken up by earning money for gig tickets, buying gig tickets, waiting for gig tickets to arrive, and going to gigs. My life revolves […]

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