Your thoughts and prayers are not enough.

Part of me doesn’t know why I’m bothering writing this. We all know what I’m going to say. We all know what the right thing to do is. But will anything change?


Of course it bloody won’t. But what else can I do? I’m British; any American who disagrees with my opinion will just tell me I don’t matter because I’m not an American. And they’d be right, really. But I am human. And I know right from wrong.

But guess what? Your thoughts and prayers are not enough, anymore. They will not save you. They will not protect you.

How many dead children do there have to be for Americans to realise that things need to change? How many lives need to be lost for no reason? How many families torn apart?

Donald_Trump_-_Caricature_(29782768073)Well apparently, 29 mass shootings in 46 days is not enough for America to realise there is a problem. But then, with a President like Donald Trump, I’m not expecting there to be a change at least until the oversized cheeto is kicked out of the White House. He’s made that very clear.

But there is a high chance that even the next President wont change gun laws. Their precious constitution is far too important and sacred to ever go against or update. But there’s a few things that aren’t quite relevant anymore since that constitution was written in 1791 (yes, that’s 227 years ago).

An 18th century Musket

When the fourth amendment was written by Americas founding fathers, their ‘guns’ were muskets and flintock pistols, which could fire only 3 rounds a minute, and that’s only when used by someone who really knew what they were doing. Plus, to get any kind of accurate shot, you had to be within 50 metres.

Now, the most typical weapon to buy is an AR-15. This fires up to 30 rounds a minute, and had a range of 550 metres.

An AR-15. Very patriotic.

Then, you have the AK-47, which is widely used. This can fire up to 600 rounds a minute.

So please, tell me; why are America still trying to tell us that they have ‘the right to bear arms’. Which, by the way, is open to interpretation anyway.

Arms back then didn’t just mean guns. What about their cannons? Can Americans use cannons nowadays, too?

hsjZoF9qDEW31gasg4kqzT7tIt might not even mean weapons. What if it literally means ‘bear arms’? As in, you have the right to have the arms of a bear. Or, really, really hairy arms?

Yes, I know that’s probably going from the ridiculous to the sublime, but so is the gun control situation in America. I’m going to spell it out for you.

A 19-year-old, mentally unstable boy, who was known to the school and authorities, and posted pictures of himself holding guns and knives on his instagram, was able to walk into a store, and buy a gun.

Something is clearly not right with that, guys. Really. And as for Donald Trump saying that people owning guns actually saves lives?

Let’s look at it this way, Donald. If mentally unstable and violent people weren’t able to buy guns, they wouldn’t be killing people in the first place. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to save anyone. Therefore, eliminating the problem in the first place. What I’m trying to say is, Trump is an idiot and completely wrong. Statistics and facts do not lie.

If you compare the UK and the US, it’s a staggering difference in the amount of deaths, mass shootings, school shootings and ‘accidental’ shootings there are. I won’t bore you with statistics, but they’re out there, and very easy to find.

So where does the solution lie?

Well, I’m no politician, and I’m not an American. And I have never bought a gun (not only because I wouldn’t want one anywhere near me, but because in the UK, the proper systems are in place to make it exceptionally difficult).

But to me, it seems that there are just no background checks done. Even children have walked into gun stores and bought a firearm. How mental is that? A 13 year old boy tried to buy one for an experiment, and they let him. So what I would like to see happen, is not only less gun stores being open (because there’s probably more gun stores than churches in the US), but more checks in place, and more rules.

Got a criminal record? No gun. 
Got a history of mental health issues? No gun. 
Under 21? No gun. 
Known troublemaker/violent person? No gun. 
Not in the military/police force? No SEMI-AUTOMATIC guns.

Because semi-automatics are what can change a shooting into a mass shooting. One dead, to one hundred.


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